Anonymous said: If I met you last night and wanted to talk to you more how would I get in touch with you?

Message me on Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said: I'd like to send you a direct message about booking, but you don't have an email address or DM available on your FB page. How can I contact you directly?

Sorry, I don’t check this very often. You can email me at

Anonymous said: are you single? if so, what do you look for in a woman?

Good question: I like girls with Polio, but also a little bit of Dance Fever.

Anonymous said: Do you actually believe that talking trash about the physical appearance of a 65 year old woman is clever and hilarious? It's not. It's cruel and pathetic.

Ooooohh… A crazy contest, ay??? LI accept your challenge.


Your move…

(This response was paid for by the campaign for Langston Kerman Against Defenseless Old Women 2012)